The production takes place only in the time between November and March. Besides, the olive oil is merged in big kettles with water released soda. The mixture is heated up to more than 200 degrees and is stirred until the olive oil disintegrates completely into glycerine and the sodium salt of the olive oil.


Shortly before the finishing process, laurel oil is added. The final act is done by the boiling master trough "tasting" the "salt free" soap and completing the process. The soda solution is let down from the kettle and the soap mixture washed out with fresh water till it is completely free of lye. After the water is let out, the soap is left over night for cooling and dewatering.


Now the still warm light green paste is equably distributed on a prepared ground and is let there for some hours for hardening. With a hand cutter the raw soap is cut in cubes and is stamped with the company's name and classification.


Before the soap can be brought to the market, it must mature at least six months, to dry completely. To achieve this, the bars are stacked in particularly ventilated vaults. The stacking is time-consuming because you need to leave space all around the bars to give the appearance the opportunity to crust. The surface of the olive-green soap oxidizes to the typical, ochre colour shade during the inside of the soap remains olive-green. The thickness of the ochre colored shift marks the age of the soap. The olive-green shares also mark the high interest in vitamin E



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