Traditional Aleppo Soap


The history of Aleppo soap goes back more than thousand years, to the Syrian city of Aleppo. It used to be the origin of the hard soaps used today throughout the world. Completely natural, it contains no synthetic additives, artificial colours or preservatives. Its principal ingredients are olive oil and laurel oil.

This soap is an unmatched cleaning and nursing agent for skin and hair by combining the academically proved effects of the olive oil and laurel oil. The olive oil supports the self-regulating function of the skin and thereby the perspiration. This is simply because the unsaturated fats in the olive oil are very similar to the fat of our skin . Therefore it is well absorbed and conjoined with the own protection system of the body.

It also invades into deeper skin layers and there it binds humidity. The skin can breathe and sweat without loosing humidity. Therefore, it is suitable for the cleaning and care of baby's skin just like for ripe and sensitive skin. In fact it supports the anti-aging effect. Laurel oil has antiseptic effects, a very good antibacterial activity and helps against scaling scalp.


The production takes place only in the time between November and March. Besides, the olive oil is merged in big kettles with water released soda. The mixture is heated up to more than 200 degrees and is stirred until the olive oil disintegrates completely into glycerin and the sodium salt of the olive oil. Shortly before the finishing process, laurel oil is added. The final act is done by the boiling master trough "tasting" the "salt free" soap and and completing the process. The soda solution is let down from the kettle and the soap mixture washed out with fresh water till it is completely free of lye. After the water is let out, the soap is left over night for cooling and dewatering.

Alepeo Aleppo Soap